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Field Use Policy

All of the public athletic fields in the town of Plymouth that are not located on school property are scheduled through the Recreation Department. Any organized team, camp, school, business, club or youth group must have a permit issued by the department in order to utilize a field. A permit holder has exclusive rights to use of the field(s) as outlined in their permit.

How to Apply

Click here for Field Use Application
It is always advisable to check field availability by calling the department first before mailing in any forms. Before a field permit can be issued all leagues, special events, camps and tournaments must supply the department with a liability insurance binder naming the Town of Plymouth as additionally insured. No permits will be issued until all paper work is complete and all fees have been paid.

If you plan on having food, bounce houses, tents or generators at the fields please stop filling out this application and immediately contact Economic Development at 508-747-1620 Ext. 10144 for a Special Events Permit.

*Special Events permits must be applied for at least 2 months prior*



When to Apply

Spring Season (April 1 -June 30): Applications accepted beginning February 1
Summer Season (July 1 -August 31): Applications accepted beginning May 1
Fall Season (September 1-November 30): Applications accepted beginning July 1

User Priority

Because the Recreation Department is not able to accommodate all of our field requests, we have established a user priority schedule. It is important to realize that field request permits are not automatically renewed and groups must reapply each season.
Priority 1: Plymouth Recreation Department Programs
Priority 2: Non-Profit Plymouth Youth Groups and Plymouth School Dept Programs 
In order for a youth group to receive a priority 2 classification, all of the participants must be residents of Plymouth. Youth groups that are currently approved include: Plymouth Youth Soccer, Plymouth Little League & South Plymouth Little League, Pop Warner and South Plymouth Youth Football, Babe Ruth baseball and Plymouth Youth Lacrosse.
Priority 3: All other Organizations and Groups 
These include but are not limited to: Private youth sport organizations (selects), adult leagues not sponsored by the Recreation Department, private sport camps, non-resident youth sport groups. Preference will be given to organizations that rented fields in the previous year.

Rules & Regulations

Rules and policies have been established that apply to all groups utilizing town fields. In some cases the policies are set by the department and in others they are Town By- Laws and punishable by established fines. Violation of these rules and regulations can result in loss of field privileges.
Trash: It is the permit holder’s responsibility to remove all trash from the area
Alcohol: Alcohol is prohibited in every park and playground in Plymouth
Dogs: Permit holders are required to make sure that all dogs accompanying their events are leashed and under control at all times. No animal waste is to be left at the park.
Food & Drink: No food or drinks are allowed on the playing fields.
Subletting: Subletting your scheduled field time to another group or organization is strictly prohibited and will result in permit revocation.

Weather Cancellations

Field closings are the responsibility of the Park & Recreation Department during the week and group users on the weekend. Regardless of whether the field is officially closed or not, a practice or a game should not commence or continue on a field if:
The field has standing water on it (i.e. puddles)
Footing is unsafe and slippery
Lightning is in the area
The ground is waterlogged and “squishy” when you step on it
Each league and youth sport organization will be responsible for communicating field closings to all referees, umpires, coaches, parents and participants.
Once a game or practice begins, the referee, umpire or league representative is responsible for suspending play should weather or field conditions change.


The town has 4 athletic fields that are lit and all are regulated by meters. Lit fields are reserved for league play and require the organization to set up an account with the Recreation Department before they can be utilized. It is the responsibility of the league to turn the lights on and off when needed. All evening games must end by 10:00pm, so please plan accordingly. If a league forgets to turn off the lights at the end of the night, they will be responsible for all incurred expenses.