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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

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YOUTH- The three-session youth SUP camp at Billington Sea Kayak is a great summer activity for active children (ages 8-16) interested in trying something new! Participants will learn the fundamentals of Stand-up Paddleboarding including safety, board handling, and various stroke techniques while taking part in various on-the-water games and challenges. The quiet waters of Billington Sea offer the ideal location for participants to safely enjoy their first SUP experience with our ACA-trained staff!  We require that all participants be comfortable with water and be dressed appropriately for class with closed-toe water shoes.

Please use the directions on their website:

NEW LOCATION – Little Pond @ Morton Park
The Town of Plymouth is currently in the process of testing area ponds for cyanobacteria and has already closed some bodies of water to swimmers due to algae blooms. Billington Sea Pond has not yet been closed to swimmers for Summer 2020 but it has been closed in past years due to algae blooms. We anticipate that this could be an issue as we move deeper into the summer with more hot weather in the forecast. For this reason, we have decided to preemptively move our Youth SUP Camps to our alternate location on Little Pond in Morton Park for the remainder of Summer 2020. This is being done out of an abundance of caution as students in our SUP Camps will, at times, find themselves in the water and we want to make sure that the water is as safe as possible in the event that they end up “swimming”. Little Pond is host to Plymouth’s Learn to Swim Program and is tested regularly for a number of possible contaminants; making it a very safe alternative to Billington Sea Pond under these circumstances. Directions to our new location are provided below. 
We ask that parents/guardians perform a health screen of their child prior to leaving for camp each morning. If you answer YES to any of the following questions then please DO NOT report to camp!

  1. Child is experiencing any COVID-19-related symptoms including: Fever (above 100.1 degrees), Cough, Flu-like symptoms (chills, aches), GI symptoms (stomach ache, diarrhea, nausea), recent loss of sense of smell, ect.

  2. Child has received a COVID-19 diagnosis within the past 14 days

  3. Child has been exposed to someone with a known case of COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

A similar health check will be performed by BSK staff upon your arrival at camp each day. Note that we will NOT be taking temperatures on site. If a participant answers YES to any of the above questions then they WILL NOT be admitted to camp and will be required to obtain a note from a licensed physician clearing them to return to camp.
Please use the following directions to avoid our new Location on Little Pond @ Morton Park:

  1. From Route 3 South take Exit 6b toward Samoset St (West Plymouth, Carver)

  2. Take a left on the second set of light onto Pilgrim Hill Road and follow to end.

  3. Take a left at the light onto Summer Street and follow for 1/8 mile

  4. Take a right onto Morton Park Rd and follow to Morton Park guard shack. An attendant may be present at drop off (and will be present at pickup) to check your Morton Park Pass. Our staff will provide you with a temporary pass during check-in on the first day of camp. This temporary pass will allow you to enter and park at our site free of charge when camp is in session. (Note: You are expected to leave the park at the end of camp unless you have an up -to-date Plymouth Resident Beach Sticker.)

  5. Stay left after the guard shack and follow the dirt road.

  6. Take the first right after the pond and follow the dirt road up and over the hill. There will be an orange “CAMP” sign guiding you to take this right.

  7. Take a right at the bottom of the hill. You will enter a parking area with Little Pond in front of you. Our staff will be there to greet you and walk you through the check-in process. There will be an orange “CAMP” sign guiding you to take this right

We are asking parents to use the following procedure when arriving at camp. Please do your best to arrive to camp 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your child’s program in order to help facilitate these procedures and ensure that camp starts on time:

  1. Once parked, please proceed to the roped-off area at the right of the parking lot. Our staff members will greet you and your child and perform the mandatory health check BEFORE entering the area.

  2. Please follow the directions of our staff and remain with your child until you are dismissed. We will be asking parents to assist their child in donning their lifejacket and performing the require safety check. Staff members will verbally guide you through this process. You are encouraged to bring your own lifejacket if you have one. BSK will assign a “personal” lifejacket to any camper who needs one and it will be theirs for the entire week.

  3. We ask that parents and children remain socially distant (at least 6 feet apart) during drop off and ask that ALL persons please wear a mask or cloth face covering while in the roped-off area to help ensure the safety of our participants and staff.

  4. Parents will be dismissed by our staff at which time they should leave the roped off area. Parents are welcome to remain in Morton Park during camp time. Please make sure that you display your temporary Morton Park Pass in your windshield. This pass will be given to you by our staff on the first day of camp and we will have extras on hand on subsequent days should you need a replacement.

On the first day of camp we will be asking parents/guardians to sign the attached liability waivers. These are required in order for your child to participate in camp. The first page is our general liability waiver and the second page is a COVID/communicable disease waiver. It’s important that you understand that, although we have implemented numerous safety measures in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines, COVID-19 remains a highly communicable disease that your child could be exposed to at camp and bring back to your home. Please note that these waivers are in addition to those that you signed for the recreation department that you registered through. We encourage parents to print and sign the attached waiver ahead of time, when possible, and bring them to the first day of camp.
We are asking parents to use the following procedure when picking up from camp. Please do your best to arrive back to camp 15 minutes prior to the scheduled end of your child’s program in order to help facilitate these procedures and ensure a smooth pickup:

  1. Please return to the parking area at Little Pond to await the arrival of campers and staff. Please remain socially distance and observe posted signage as you proceed to the waterfront area.

  2. Please follow the directions of our staff and remain with your child until you are dismissed. We will be asking parents to assist their child in taking off their lifejacket and returning it to the proper storage location if they are using a BSK-provided lifejacket.

  3. We ask that parents stay off outside of the roped-off area while waiting for campers and staff to return. It’s important that you abide by social distancing guidelines and remain at least 6 feet apart during this time. We also ask that ALL persons wear a mask or cloth face covering to help ensure the safety of our participants and staff.

  4. Note: You are expected to leave the park at the end of camp unless you have an up-to-date Plymouth Resident Beach Sticker as your Temporary Morton Park Pass will not be valid outside of camp times.

We recommend that campers bring the following items to camp each day. We will have individual storage spaces to help keep campers’ belongings safe and separate.

  1. We REQUIRE all campers to wear close-toed water shoes at camp for safety reasons.

  2. Clothing appropriate for the weather

  3. Drinking water

  4. Towel

  5. Lifejacket/PFD (if you have one that fits appropriately. If not then a BSK lifejacket will be assigned to your child for the duration of camp)

In general, we will run camp as scheduled unless there is an imminent threat of thunderstorms, high winds or heavy rain. You can expect to receive an email and phone call from our Programs Manager at least 1 hour before camp is scheduled to start in the event that we have cancelled due to weather. This notice will be communicated to the email address and phone number that you provided during the recreation departments registration process. If you do not hear directly from Billington Sea Kayak then you should assume that camp is still running. Please be aware that, given the early start time of camp, the recreation department may not have had time to update their website or weather hot line. We will make-up any cancelled camp sessions on the Thursday of that week.

Overview of our COVID Control Plan:
Social Distancing
-Our programs have been modified to ensure that participants and staff practice social distancing during all aspects of our programs.
-Drop-off and pick-up procedures have been updated to ensure social distancing during these transition times and we will communicate this information directly to parents prior to the start of camps.
-We will strongly encourage all participants to wear face coverings while participating in our camps per EEC guidance.
-Staff are required to wear face coverings at all times.
Hygiene Protocols
-Our lifejacket inventory has been expanded to ensure that each participant can be assigned a lifejacket for the duration of camp.
-We have installed an outdoor handwashing station to provide participants and staff with opportunities for frequent handwashing.
Staffing & Operations
-All staff has received comprehensive training for regarding the updated protocols within our COVID Control Plan.
-We have increased our staffing to two staff members per camp at all times to ensure proper coverage per the updated EEC regulations.
-Employees are aware of COVID symptoms and have been instructed to stay home if they have symptoms or have been in close contact with another individual with symptoms or a confirmed case of COVID-19.
Cleaning & Disinfecting
-All boats, paddleboards and paddles will be cleaned and disinfected after each use using CDC-approved cleaning products.
-Lifejackets will be cleaned using USCG-approved protocols at the end of each camp session.
-Our COVID Cleaning Protocols provide regular and documented sanitization of high touch areas, such as equipment, doorknobs, and restrooms


Registration & Refund Information
  • Registration: Student is only considered registered (and spot reserved) in a program once payment is received. Online registration & payment is the quickest and easiest way to secure a spot in a program. Registration is also accepted in our office and by mail on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Refunds: There will be a $10 processing fee for all refunds/credits and all requests must be made at least 5 business days prior to the start of the program. (There are no refunds for activities that require a uniform or jersey after it is ordered).
  • Age Requirement: Participants must be the minimum age for the program by the first scheduled day of the program. (Effective Fall 2018)
  • Proof of Age: A document showing date of birth (birth certificate, passport, physical form or other official document) must be provided for each child when registering for their first program with us.
  • Non-Resident Fee: There is a $10 per participant per program surcharge for non-Plymouth residents. To be considered a resident, one must reside in or own a residence within the Town of Plymouth limits at the time registration is submitted.
  • Confirmations: Please keep a record of your registration. Confirmations are emailed as soon as your registration is processed; no further confirmations or reminders are provided.
  • Weather Cancellations: Due to any weather cancellations, programs could be scheduled a make class that extends beyond the original end date. No refunds or credits will be given for make up dates.

Additional Forms and Files:
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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